LEUSAA Borrel at Schuman Day

As in previous years, the LEUSAA organized a meet-up between current students and alumni of the European Union Studies Master’s in order to properly celebrate the Schuman Day. The Schuman Day marks the day of the Schuman declaration, which eventually resulted in the establishment of the ECSC and thus builds the foundation for European integration, unification and stability. Also thanks to the program coordination, some afternoon snacks and drinks were arranged before dinner, and provided for the chance to get in contact with each other, as well as to learn more about future career prospects. As it was such a pleasant evening, the European celebration was continued until the early morning afterwards.

1st LEUSAA Alumni Presentations – 6 February, Leiden

LEUSAA is glad to be ale to invite you to the 1st LEUSAA Alumni Presentations bringing together current students with alumni who share their view and experiences on the labour market.

For this first event in the new series Michiel de Vries, (EUS 2010-11), Junior Strategic Advisor at the Dutch Council for Environment and Infrastructure and Network Coordinator at the European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils, and Ingo Wagner, (EUS 2010-11), Policy and Project Officer at the DHC+ Technology Platform and Euroheat & Power, join us and present their position, their path and their tips and tricks.

The presentations take place at 6 February 18h00-19h30 in Lipius 005. Afterwards, we go to Cafe de Keyzer for an informal get-together, to chat, discuss and celebrate the new semester with the new February intake.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there. Please register to the event via facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/514436418670734/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Annual assembly: changed name and new board members

With some delay we are happy to announce that the name of our association changed. What was formerly known as Leiden European Union Studies Alumni Association is now called Leiden EU Students and Alumni Association. This name change reflects that we do not only want to be an alumni association but an organization for current students.

Also, we would like to announce that we have three new board members. Welcome! In the near future you will find more information about them on this homepage. Furthermore, you will find the changed statutes.

These changed statutes contain the rules for the changed membership possibilities. In the future students become student members (informal notification is enough) and do not pay a fee. Afterwards, we offer a graduation membership (5 EUR) and an alumni membership (15 EUR) for those who want to support our work actively. For those who only want to receive some information we introduced a passive membership (for free).

We are looking forward to an interesting year :)

Graduation ceremony 2013 in Leiden

Congratulations to all graduates who received the diplomas in the ceremony on 25 October. We hope you had a great time in Leiden and enjoyed the studies. Enjoy this day of honour with your mates, families and friends, celebrate long and have fun.

If you are still around tomorrow, come to the annual assembly of LEUSAA. Joining the association is for sure a good way to stay in touch. We hope to see you back in Leiden or elsewhere in the world and are looking forward to hear your stories.

Good luck for the future, success, wealth and health!!!

Your LEUSAA board

Annual Assembly on 26 October in Leiden

Dear all,

herewith we invite you to join us for our annual assembly on 26 October in Leiden.

At the assembly we will restructure our association, elect the board, discuss the activities of last year, plan the coming year and more. Everybody (whether already member or not, alumni or student) is welcome to join, to share his/her thought and more. The more the merrier!!! Please let us know whether you are going to join.

Date: 26 October
Time: 16h30 (to be confirmed)
Place: Cafe de Keyzer (to be confirmed)

Indicative agenda:
1) Welcome and opening
2) Report about the last year
3) Changed responsibilities in the programme
4) A new structure for LEUSAA
5) LEUSAA board: discharge
6) LEUSAA board: elections
7) Activities for 2013/14
8) AOB


The Parliament’s Gossip

Slowly but certainly it starts to become noticeable that there are new European elections upcoming next year May. This latest Plenary week, the final one before the summer break, was highly political. Topics were included as the welcome of Croatia as the 28th Member State, the vote on parliamentary immunity for Marine Le Pen, as well as US-EU trade agreement and the election of the new European Ombudsman.

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Schuman Day Celebration

On  9 May a group of 30 students and alumni assembled in Leiden to celebrate Schuman Day 2013. Thanks to the  head of the Leiden University Fund, Annemieke Sterrenburg, we could start with a borrel in the wonderful backyard of the LUF headquarters.

While enjoying the sun the guests shared experiences and more or less funny stories (depending on the perspective). The group was a perfect mix of years with alumni who had graduated up to three years ago. After this nice borrel the group moved on to the ‘Oude Harmonie’ that offered a great 3-course-dinner. Discussions continued and everybody had a nice and informative evening among friends. Those who did not want to go home alone found a shelter at Cafe de Keyzer where our Schuman Day celebration continued until late in the night. Thanks to all participants for the great evening. Schuman Day 2014 is already highlighted in some calendars.

What if… policy-makers would listen to Schuman’s ideas

The last weeks have brought even more troubles to a difficult political and economic climate in a – nevertheless – stronger than ever European Union. The European project will not fail but there are major changes lying beyond the horizon waiting to be implemented. Let’s hope that our policy-makers are aware of their responsibilities and act accordingly ending the self-inflicted economic hunger strike called austerity and coming up with more appropriate and hopefully more democratic ideas.

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The Parliament’s Gossip

As usual, several important topics have been discussed in the Plenary last week in Strasbourg (15 – 18 April 2013). The Irish president has given a speech on the economic situation in Europe. Furthermore, there was an interesting and surprising vote on the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). And finally, there are some decisions made with regards to neighbourhood policy and external policy.

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